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  • JoeTheDouglas Personal Training Temporarily Closed

    It is with annoyance and inconvenience that I announce the temporary closure of JTD-PT and the Deathtrap 5000 Exercism System while I am once again forced to move house. The DT5K will be back along with the all new ‘Ultra Mega Dock & Load X-200 V turbo Ω lemon Mark ii all-in-one Docking and Loading solution’. JTD-PT will reopen in October 2021when circumstances allow. We will return.

  • New ‘Be Kind’ Tee - £20 (free shipping worldwide)

    As part of my campaign to stop everyone from being such cunts all the fucking time, a new not for profit Tshirt has been added to the store in the collection. For £20 only (use code bekind to remove shipping costs) this tee carries the simple message: “BE KIND” Sizing runs a tad large, so buy a size smaller if you prefer a more fitted look. Buy it here, and remember to be kind for fuck sake.

  • Penguin & Rhino - NEW SITE

    Your favourite duo have a new site to replace the crappy budget bullshit they had before. You can find it at & Thas righ! She owns the com and the couk! She fancy now. (New P&R shop coming soon)

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